Wedding Suits for the Groom

Published: 05th September 2008
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So you have been busy looking for your Brooklyn bridal gown and somehow, you have missed out what your groom-to-be should wear. Just keep in mind that men can be stylish too, especially on weddings. So to give you and your man idea of what wedding suits to wear on the big day, here are some tips that will be serve as guide in choosing the wedding suit for the groom.

* Consider time of the event. Grooms should wear appropriate suits according to the time of the event. The long tailed black and gray jackets are good for daytime wedding while the tuxedo and other dinner suits are appropriate for nighttime.

* Choose the Styles for the Occasion. Beach weddings mean light weight men's suits in white to cream shades. If the bride wear Brooklyn bridal gown that is too light and casual, groom's suit should match with it as well. For more formal celebration, a vested suit with white tie may be appropriate. Always think that the groom should dress to impress, not just for the bride but for her family and all the guests as well.

* Consider Body Shapes. Choose groom's suit that compliment the shape of the person. For short men, a two button or three button suits with low stance should be worn as this creates long appearance. For a more rounded shape, choose suits that make him look slender and taller. A jacket that is buttoned on the waist should be preferred to elongate the chest and hide the belly. It should be with vest to hide thick waist. For a tall and muscular body, a suit with clean line and simple designs will create less bulky appearance. Thin and tall grooms can do well with any men's suit. Just remember the rule on the time and venue of the occasion.

Just like Brooklyn bridal gowns, wedding suits for the groom also come in various styles and designs. Following the tips above will surely make the groom stand out in the crowd.

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