Items Needed For The Wedding

Published: 01st September 2008
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Generally, almost every wedding follow the same pattern of ceremony. This is also true when you hold your wedding in Brooklyn. So you might wonder what else you need aside from Brooklyn bridal gowns. Well, here is the list that you need to check. If you need the item, you can check it but if you don't you can cross it out. At least, you will be aware of the things that you may still need to buy or borrow for your wedding.

Jewelries, veil, head dress and shoes
Wedding rings
Guest books
Souvenir items
Invitation cards
Wedding cake
Doves (others use butterflies)
Veil, chord and candles as symbols in the ceremony
Marriage contract
Wedding dance
Musicians and band
Bridal car

Of course, you can also add more items according to the program in mind. So far, this is the general items needed for most weddings. It is best to complete the list at least 2 months before the wedding. One month before the wedding date will be dedicated to seeing to it that everything is in place. When the time comes, you should not worry about anything else except to make your day memorable and special.

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Excellent in making sure theres nothing you forget

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