Important People in a Wedding

Published: 15th September 2008
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In addition to the bride in her gorgeous Brooklyn bridal gown and the groom in his impeccable wedding suit, there are other important attendees in traditional weddings. Next to the bride and groom, the priest, rabbi, imam or civil officer is the most important person. This person officiate the wedding ceremony.

In most cultures, the bridal party or entourage may also have the following people. Normally, this group is held by close friends of both the bride and the groom.

• The Best Man who is usually the male relative of close friend of the groom. This man assists and stands close to the groom.

• The Maid of Honor is the counterpart of the Best Man. She is normally the relative or close friend of the bride. If she is married, she is then called the "Matron of Honor". She is the right hand "man" of the bride. Her usual responsibility is to help the bride choose the perfect Brooklyn bridal gown.

• The Father of the Bride traditionally "gives away" the bride. "Gives away" symbolizes parental consent. In case the father is deceased or otherwise not around, the bride choose another male relative like a brother or an uncle to give her away.

• The Groomsmen are the chosen men who assist the groom.

• The Bridesmaids are the chosen women who assist the bride. In some weddings, there are also Junior Bridesmaids. They are usually teenage girls who are too old to be Flower Girls but are still too young to be Bridesmaids.

• The Flower Girl/s is a little girl whose job is to scatter flowers and flower petals on the path of the bridal party.

• The Ring Bearer is a little boy who carries the wedding rings.

• For Christian weddings, the Bible Bearer is a little boy who carries the bible.

• The Ushers help with the organization of the wedding.

Wedding guests also play significant roles in a wedding. They are typically received invitations to both the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception, wherein they are expected to give confirmation to.

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